High activity levels and healthy nutrition really are the key to fitness and weight loss. But life is hectic and time is too short for boring diets and relentless hours training in the gym. Which is why Joie de Vivre is not just about what happens in our training sessions, more about what happens outside of them. We will guide you in more than just exercise, we will advise you on nutrition and lifestyle so that you can train smart, eat well and start living your life to the full!

Joie de Vivre! x



From an early age, my true passion has always been for sport and fitness. I played rugby and netball as a teenager and have completed numerous 5km and 10km runs as well as the London Marathon in 2005 and 2011. I have practised yoga for the past 12 years and completed the London to Brighton bike ride.

Around 7 years ago I decided to channel this passion and lifestyle into a career, not only to help progress my knowledge and love of fitness, but to help other people share this passion in order to improve their lives, fitness, physique and overall happiness.

I believe fitness should fit our lifestyle – you don’t need to spend hours in the gym, pounding on a treadmill to get the body shape or fitness level you desire. Simple changes to daily routines and a focus on good nutrition can make a big difference.

I have always thrived from training and getting results and now I really enjoy seeing the benefits others achieve with great fitness levels and good nutrition in their life.

Jodie qualified as a Personal Trainer with Future Fit in 2006, and since then she has gained qualifications in Pre and Post Natal Training; Kettlebells; Strap Training; Indoor Cycling and Advanced Strength Training. In addition to her fitness training, Jodie enjoys experimenting with healthy, nutritious recipes for her family.



Keeping fit has always been important to me, both for physical and mental wellbeing. In the last decade, my enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle  transformed into a passion for encouraging others along a similar path.

In 2006 I finally stepped away from a hectic job in the City, primarily to spend more time with my children (then 8 and 6), but also to pursue a career within the fitness industry to help and encourage others to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Since then, I have worked with a wide range of clients with differing fitness levels and goals and it is always so rewarding to help them make changes and watch their progress.

I enjoy challenging myself through my training and I enjoy challenging clients to reach their full potential. Now at fifty, I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been! Age is no barrier to fitness, I believe if you want something enough, you can achieve it. Set your own goals, work hard and enjoy the results!

Vivien trained with Future Fit, successfully gaining a Personal Training Diploma incorporating qualifications in Nutrition and Weight Management.  She is also qualified in Boxercise, Kettlebells, Suspension Training and Pre & Post Natal Exercise and holds a First Aid and CPR qualification.